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Pigeon Supplies

Whether you have a cute companion or a rapid racer, we’re sure you’ll agree that pigeons are really rewarding pets to keep. That’s why we stock a great range of pigeon supplies righthere at Feedem, so you can keep your winged pals in tip-top condition.

In our selection of pigeon seed, you’ll find all the fuel your pigeon needs to keep flying for longer. From conditioner mix by Bucktons to high performance seed by Mayfield, your bird is in good hands with these well-known brands.

Like any pet, your pigeon’s health is of the utmost importance. Their safety is our priority, so our pigeon supplement section is home to everything you’ll need to maintain their wellbeing, from infection control spray to pigeon tonics.

Our dedication to your feathered friends will make us your number one choice for pigeon and racing pigeon supplies. With free UK mainland delivery available on orders over £45 and up to 32kg, take a look at our selection and buy now!