How to Host the Best Dog Halloween Party

If you fancy spending this Halloween with your pet, why not make it an event? With so many Halloween dog toys, food and costumes; it’s easy to create a fun Halloween dog party for your pooch and their friends.

From tasty Halloween dog treats to spooky pet outfits, we’ve put together a plan to help you create the best Halloween dog party this year.


If you’re going to throw the best Halloween dog party, your pet needs to look the part. There are lots of cute, funny and spooky dog Halloween costumes that you can make yourself at home. But if you want something simple and effective, why not put your pooch in a ready-made outfit? Large dogs will look scary in a spider costume, while small and fluffy animals will carry off an adorable pumpkin jumper perfectly.


Once you and your pet are happy with the outfit choice, you have to create the perfect guest list. Of course, you need to work out how many pups you can fit safely in your home, which will depend a lot on the average size and level of excitability, too!

Set the tone of your dog Halloween party straight away by making your own invitations. You don’t have to be an arts and crafts expert to do a good job. Just get orange card, scissors and a black felt tip pen and cut out your own pumpkins to write the address and time of the event. If you’re feeling creative, why not make a vampire dog or dog with bat wings invitation, instead? Make sure to let everyone know that it’s a costume party, too. You don’t want your pooch to be the only one in fancy dress.


The day of the party is here and now it’s time to decorate. No need to go overboard and splash loads of cash, a few Halloween-themed pieces will do. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Lie a black or orange sheet on the floor to create the seasonal mood (this will also make clearing up easier).
  • Get thick cardboard and cut out doggy gravestones to stick on the skirting boards along your room. Try and think of funny dog-themed names and epitaphs to write on them too.
  • Use white tissue paper, string and a black felt-tip pen to make your own dog-shaped ghosts. Then, hang these from the ceiling.
  • Place flashing Halloween dog toys on your windowsill or soft spooky characters on the hearth to greet your guest as they arrive.

Remember not to use anything fragile or that dogs might swallow.

Party food

Firstly, check with fellow owners whether their dogs have any allergies or food sensitivities. If so, ask what they prefer to eat or get some natural dog food, just in case. The last thing you want is for them get ill at your dog Halloween party. Once you’ve done this, check you have enough bowls and feeding accessories for all your guests and then create a menu.

We recommend putting down a bowl of dog food for each pooch at some point during the party to keep them happy and entertained. But of course, what’s a Halloween dog party without a few Halloween dog treats and biscuits? Keep these out of the way of greedy canines and use them to your advantage if anyone gets too excited or needs a distraction. If you have time, why not bake your own party delights? Some ingredients we eat aren’t suitable for dogs, but there are many recipes online you can follow that feature safe foods like plain yoghurt, whole-wheat flour and peanut butter that dogs love.

Dog-friendly games

Once your guests have had a bite to eat, it’s time for a few party games. Keeping everyone entertained and sociable is your main task of the evening, so including a few Halloween dog games is an easy way to control your party. Our favourites are:

  • Rover Says: get all the dogs to sit in front of you. Then, shout out a command and see which dog listens and which wanders off.
  • Crazy Course: if you have a garden, spend a few hours setting up a Crufts-inspired mini obstacle course. You can use anything from hula hoops for them to run through, to cardboard boxes they have to jump over.
  • Sniff Out the Treat: like Hot and Cold for dogs, you hide a treat or dog chew before timing each dog as they try to find it.
  • Musical Sits: as you can guess, this is Musical Chairs for canines. Ask the owner of each dog to take their pet on its lead and walk them around a line of chairs you’ve set up in the centre of the room. The last dog to listen to its owner and sit on the floor is out!

Of course, make sure you have a dog toy for each winner or get a Halloween dog toy to make it special, such as a plush spider, witch spinner or monster rope toy.

Things to remember:

With such an excited and energetic guest list, your dog Halloween party must run smoothly. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Ask another owner to lend a hand with the preparations and hosting.
  • Make sure you have plenty of bin bags for clearing up.
  • Be vigilant — some dogs might not see eye-to-eye for the entire evening.
  • Only invite dogs and owners you know well.
  • Keep the party relatively short to ensure the pooches don’t get restless.
  • Put out a few water bowls and keep refilling.
  • Let the dogs outside every 20-30 minutes to minimise the chances of accidents.

Remember these pointers and we’re sure your Halloween dog party will be a hit. Check out our dog section for more party pieces.

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