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Reptile Supplies

Here at Feedem, we haven’t forgotten about our scaled companions. With products for snakes, tortoises, bearded dragons and iguanas, you can find something to suit your pet in our range of reptile supplies.

Find them their perfect home in our selection of reptile vivariums and reptile terrariums, and replicate their natural habitat with some of our specially designed reptile bedding and reptile heat mats. Our decorative reptile ornaments and hideouts will provide the perfect place for lounging lizards, basking bearded dragons and secluded snakes.

We also stock a variety of reptile food, from pellets to cricket, grasshopper and river-shrimp paste. With such a huge selection of products, Feedem will fast become your number one choice for cheap reptile supplies.

Place your order today and receive free UK mainland delivery if it’s over £45 and up to 32kg. Buy now!